Where is Greenhouse Delight Foods located?
Our operations are rooted in the agriculture-rich region of the Fraser Valley, where we've been cultivating produce for over 30 years.
What makes greenhouse-grown produce superior?

Greenhouse cultivation allows for precise control of environmental factors, resulting in produce that is consistently high in quality, flavor and nutrition.

What certifications does Greenhouse Delight Foods hold?
We adhere to rigorous Canadian food safety standards and comply with USDA standards for pepper specifications. Our CanadaGAP certification ensures the highest safety and quality standards for Canadians, as well as our U.S. partners.
Can I buy Greenhouse Delight Foods products directly?
Currently, we primarily work with distributors, retailers, and wholesalers. For specific inquiries, please reach out to our team through the Contact Us page.
How do you ensure sustainability in your growing practices?
Our commitment to sustainability includes efficient land usage, a robust water recycling program, a climate-controlled environment, and an integrated pest-management system. We’re also a proud member of Sedex, a globally recognized organization geared toward promoting ethical treatment of our planet and our people.
What varieties of bell peppers do you offer?
We specialize in sweet bell peppers, with sizes ranging from L to XXL, and offer the color variations Red, Yellow, Orange & Green. We also offer a wide range of packaging options for diverse preferences and needs.
What's the significance of being a multi-generational family operation?
Our multi-generational legacy reflects a deep-rooted commitment to farming excellence, blending traditional wisdom with modern agricultural practices. Our love of family fuels everything we do, from supporting the farming community, to providing nutrient rich, healthy produce. There is only one option: A greener future for our family, and for yours.
How do you support and prioritize your growers?
Beyond cultivation, we advocate for fair prices and prioritize the well-being of our dedicated growers, considering them an integral part of our extended family. We work mutually alongside them, allowing for free exchange of wisdom and encouragement, and ensuring that our success is their success.
Do you offer any produce options other than bell peppers?
We are excited to announce that cucumbers will soon join our product offerings. Stay tuned for updates on their availability.
How do you ensure quality control during shipping?
We work very closely with select freight vendors, giving them a comprehensive understanding of our product and the needs of our customers. Each truck is formally inspected and equipped with both a security seal and temperature recorder to ensure the safety and quality of every shipment.
What is your human rights policy?

Please click the link below to view our Human Rights Policy: