About Us

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A Multi-Generational Journey

The story of Greenhouse Delight Foods begins with a deep-rooted love for farming that has endured generations. This legacy started by our founders Ranjit and Sukhwinder Sandhu, is now carried forward by his son Ken, Ken’s wife, and two children. As a multi-generational team that resides on-site, the family is able to maintain a full view of the operation at all times. This helps to ensure that all aspects of the growing and harvesting process are carried out in accordance with the most stringent quality standards.

Reliable Supply & Exceptional Quality

Greenhouse Delight Foods proudly operates across an expansive 100 acres, including 37 acres owned personally. This vast operation represents our commitment to meet and exceed the demands of the modern market. We are currently shipping 2 million boxes annually, contributing to a consistent supply chain, and delivering delight in every box.

100+ Acres

We operate on over 100 acres, ensuring a significant scale of greenhouse-grown produce cultivation.

2M Boxes Shipped Annually

Annually, we ship an impressive 2 million boxes of our top-quality bell peppers.


We take pride in upholding the highest food quality standards globally, and delivering excellence in every bell pepper we produce.

Shipping Globally

We serve diverse international markets, ensuring global access to premium bell peppers of the highest quality.



Greenhouse Delight Foods represents a combination of tradition, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to providing the finest greenhouse-grown produce on the market. As we expand our product line and champion sustainability, we invite you to join us on this journey toward a greener future, where growing excellence and environmental responsibility work hand in hand. 


A Family Tradition

Ranjit and Sukwinder Sandhu’s journey in the agriculture industry began humbly in the early 1990s. With a goal of building his operations from the ground up, Ranjit employed a granular attention to detail and a dedication to his craft which led him to the greenhouse industry. Growing from strength to strength, Ranjit now works alongside his son Ken and his family to oversee the operation on a day to day basis. Residing with his family on the farm, he is proud to display the same granular attention to detail and expertise that helped build Greenhouse Delight Foods into the streamlined operation it is today.
Advocacy Beyond Cultivation

our committment to growers

Our journey extends beyond cultivation, and is defined by a consistent dedication to the greenhouse industry and the community of growers and operators we call family. We proudly advocate for fair pricing, prioritizing the well-being of our growers, and fostering a community-driven approach to sustainable agriculture. In addition to our family, we manage a team of over 200 individuals who diligently serve greenhouse operations across British Columbia and Alberta, fully immersing ourselves in the greenhouse industry.

Our Affiliations

Industry associations and regulatory organizations that we are proud to work with.