Quality is our heritage

At Greenhouse Delight Foods, we are merging the wisdom of the past with the freshness of the future and delivering it directly to your table. Rooted in family, our legacy of farming excellence has been growing for three decades and counting. Investing in sustainable practices is how we safeguard this legacy for generations to come. Welcome to the Greenhouse Delight Foods family!

Freshness, Flavour &

Just like you, we never compromise when it comes to quality. Renowned for our succulently sweet bell peppers, we take pride in delivering a healthy product that meets the highest standards of taste and freshness.

Red Peppers

Yellow Peppers



Greenhouses can yield up to 20 times more produce per acre of land while dramatically reducing water usage compared to standard outdoor farming, ensuring resource efficiency and sustainable growth. Additionally, operating within a climate-controlled environment guarantees optimal conditions for cultivation, enhancing the quality of our produce and leading to higher yields. This approach not only supports the growth of healthier produce but also promotes environmental sustainability.

Stringent Food Quality Standards

Adhering to rigorous Canadian food safety protocol and complying with USDA standards for pepper specifications, we promise the highest level of safety and quality in every piece of produce. Following the CanadaGAP food safety guidelines ensures that everything we export to our U.S partners is grown in accordance with FDA standards, making us a premium supplier of peppers both locally and abroad.